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The Yongpyong Resort is located at a very inhabitable range of 700 meters above sea level. Yongpyong Resort is found at the eastern edge of Asia, about 200km from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. With an annual snowfall average of 250cm, the surrounding area possesses a beautiful environment, which allows for the enjoyment of a wide array of winter sports including skiing from mid-November to early April.

On its 4,300 acres, you will find a 45-hole Golf course, 31 ski slopes, premium hotels, European-style condominiums and many other leisure facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The Yongpyong Resort was established in 1975 as the first ever modern facility of its kind in South Korea. Now it is innovating a new leisure culture known as "Korea's Ski Mecca" with a growing reputation as an internationally-renowned resort.


Hotel in Seoul

Discounted Hotel in Seoul! This is a special offer for travelers who book accommodations in Yong Pyong Resort. The reservation can be made by request only.

Hotels consist of Lotte Hotel(7 branches in Seoul), JW Marriott(Dongdaemun) and KY-Heritage(Dongdaemun).
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